General Information

Proper decorum, respect for others, rules of common courtesy and etiquette are to be observed at all times on Club property.

Please note that the Board of Governors expects the Club's staff to enforce the Club's policies. Staff will remind members and guests of the policies as discreetly as possible and must be treated respectfully for following the Board of Governors' instructions.

Rules & Policies

Alcoholic Beverage Service

The Wianno Club complies with all federal, state and local laws pertaining to the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. No person under the age of twenty-one years shall order, pay for, share the cost of, attempt to purchase, or consume alcoholic beverages on the Club's property. All persons appearing to be 30 years of age or less will not be served without providing government issued photo ID's.

Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets

Use of cellular telephones is prohibited in all public spaces of the Club, including the golf course, tennis courts, dining rooms, lounges, porches and beaches where people gather to socialize. A telephone booth is located in the hallway across from the administrative offices that may be used for emergency cellular calls. Cellphones may be used in the Club's parking lots, preferably from inside the car.

Smart phones, laptops, tablets may be used in silent mode for purposes other than phone calls in and around all areas of the Club.

Club Event Cancellation

A 48-Hour cancellation policy is in effect for Club events. Cancellations or reductions in event reservations made less than 48 hours prior to the day of the event will result in a charge of 50% of the event price. Members or guests who do not keep their reservation (no-show) or arrive with fewer than the reserved number will be charged the full price of the event plus the House Fee. Due to high demand and limited space, final reservations for the “Farm to Table Dinner” must be confirmed one week prior to the event.

Dress Code

The following Dress Code is applicable for all members and their guests while at the Wianno Club. Please make sure your guests are aware of the Dress Code especially if you are meeting them at the Club.

Unacceptable Attire in All Areas of the Club

Denim blue jeans, tee shirts, collarless shirts for gentlemen and boys, cut offs, short shorts, cargo shorts or pants, sports jerseys, indiscreetly short skirts, spandex and clothing with exposed midriffs are unacceptable attire for the Wianno Club. Hats, caps and visors may not be worn inside any of the Club’s buildings, including the Golf House. Caps must be worn with beaks pointed forward. Gentlemen are asked to tuck in shirttails in all dining and bar areas, with the exception of the Snack Bar. Visible body art and piercings should be covered whenever possible.

Main Dining Room
Breakfast: Collared shirts and trousers or appropriate dress shorts for gentlemen and boys. Appropriately similar clothing for women. Flip flops may be worn only at the breakfast meal, no workout or running clothing.
Dinner: Collared shirts and trousers or appropriate dress shorts are required but jackets or ties are not required for evenings in the Main Dining Room, when it is being used for an outside function or Club event, unless otherwise specified.

Terrace Room and Patio
Collared shirts and trousers or appropriate dress shorts for gentlemen and boys. Appropriately similar clothing for women.

Sea View Room
Collared shirts and trousers or appropriate dress shorts for gentlemen and boys. Appropriately similar clothing for women.

Beach and Seaside Cafe 
Appropriate bathing suits and beachwear for the beach, no thongs for ladies or racing briefs for gentlemen. In the Snack Bar area, men must wear shirts and women must wear cover-ups, no tank tops or cut-offs.

Men: Proper golfing attire is required at all times. Acceptable attire for gentlemen and boys includes collared shirts tucked into slacks or Bermuda length shorts and proper footwear. Men should not wear hats while eating at the Golf House.
Women: Appropriate length golf shorts and skirts, capri pants, golf shirt or blouse and proper golf footwear. Women may keep their hats on while inside the Golf House.
Unacceptable: Tennis shorts, tennis skirts or dresses, short shorts, gym or jogging shorts, jeans/denim, bathing suits, slogan tee shirts, tube/halter tops, sports jerseys, yoga and spandex apparel. Unless the shirt or blouse is designed to be worn outside the pants/shorts, it must be tucked in.

Men and Women: Tennis whites, including shoes, hats and socks, are required with collared shirts for boys and men. Minimal color trim is acceptable.
Children (under 10 years): Same as above but may wear plain white tee shirt.
Unacceptable: Running shorts and shoes (or any deeply grooved sneaker), tee shirts, spaghetti-strap tank tops, halter tops, exposed midriffs, bathing suits, yoga apparel.

House Fee

A House Fee of 20% for members and 22% for non-members is automatically added to all food and beverage purchases. The House Fee is an administrative fee and does not represent a tip or service charge for wait staff, service employees or service bartenders

Smoking & Vaping

Smoking of cigarettes, electronic cigarette alternatives, cigars, and pipes is prohibited in all indoor areas of the Club, Golf Pro Shop, Tennis Pro Shop, J.A., and other buildings. This also includes all beaches, porches, and areas attached to the buildings and around any lawns or other areas within close proximity to the buildings.


The Wianno Club Staff maintains a No Tipping policy and all employees have been instructed to politely refuse tips. Tipping for valets parking cars is permitted and, although very much appreciated, tips are not expected.

Dinner Reservations Policy

Management kindly requests that members and guests call the Sea View Room at (508) 681-4925 for any last-minute changes to a Seaside Cafe, Terrace or Sea View Room dinner reservation and all efforts will be made to accommodate the change. However, members or guests who completely cancel a reservation less than 24-hours prior to their reservation or have a reservation and do not keep their reservation (no-show) for a reservation, will be charged $25 per person. Reserved tables will not be held for longer than 15 minutes past the reservation time. Parties arriving prior to their reservation time may be asked to wait in the bar area until their table is ready.

Please note: Children ages 10 and under must have at least one adult at their table while dining at the Club other than at the Snack Bar. In all cases, adults are responsible for the behavior of children they bring to the Club.

Please note: Dinner reservations can be made one month prior to the preferred reservation date.